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About Eostone Fossils

Eostone provides the very finest fossils and other natural history antiquities to collectors, architects, interior designers, and museums worldwide. Each of our unique fossils are collected and prepared in accordance to the strict guidelines established by the American Association of Paleontological Suppliers Code of Ethics.

For over 15 years, owners Arron Rimpley and Gregg Whittecar - founders of Eostone - have been dealers in Art and Antiques. Their passion has taken them around the world buying and selling amazing treasures. Beautiful objects are not the driving force behind Arron and Gregg, but fellow collectors and dealers who make their profession interesting and rewarding. 

Arron and Gregg were designing an art gallery for a collector in New York when they first learned about fossils. They were so impressed by these relics that they immediately booked a trip out west to learn more. The Green River formation in Wyoming has provided the world with the best specimens from the Eocene period – 50 million years old.  Not only are the fossils stunning, there is something that draws your curiosity on a profound and deep level. 
Eostone was aptly named - a combination of the Eocene period with the dramatic layers of limestone. The private quarry from which our fossils come from was once a freshwater lake teeming with fish, tropical plants and reptiles, allowing for a variety of specimens.
Eostone exhibits at the most prestigious events across the United States. Please visit the "Events Schedule" page to see where Eostone will be displaying these stunning fossils.  If you are planning a trip to Miami, please visit the Eostone fossil gallery to see the entire collection on display.

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about eostone, about us, fossil knowledge, fossil art